Attention Goalies: Stop letting a lack of time keep you from becoming the goalie you know you can be.

The Simple To Follow Step-By-Step Goalie Training Program That Delivers A Wider Butterfly Flare, A Lower GAA And The Gratitude Of Your Teammates In 34-Minutes Or Less. Guaranteed.

Who Else Wants To Play More Like A Pro, But Doesn’t Have The Time To Train Like One?

From Maria L. Mountain, MSc, CEP
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Hockey Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Founder of www.HockeyTrainingPro.com

If you have found this page, then you believe that you can be a better goalie. You know you are not playing up to your potential. Probably some people in your life don’t understand the fire you have to be the best you can be. Some probably even think it is a little silly that you have such a passion for playing goal.

They don’t understand what it is like to feel that you have let your teammates down as a single loss plummets your team to the middle of the pack in the league standings.

They don’t understand what it is like to step on the ice with butterflies in your stomach, but not the good ‘isn’t this exciting’ kind of butterflies, the ones that come from a place of fear and doubt.

You know that off-ice training will help you unlock your athleticism. Move around your crease so quick and effortlessly that you need to be more patient, taking your time to let the play develop before committing to your response.

You know that having loose but strong and stable hips will be the difference between a game saving highlight reel kick save and another painful groin strain which leaves you limping back to the dressing room after the game feeling like an old man.

You know enough to not know…

You know all of this, but you are handcuffed because you don’t want to invest in another program that may not work for you. You know you need to do something, but there is so much information out there and you are not sure which advice applies to you specifically as a goalie.

You are a lot like my friend Thomas who is a busy guy with a busy life and lots of responsibilities away from the rink. He wishes he could just play hockey and train full-time, but like you, he is not a pro player so he must balance his obligations with his passion for hockey.

Talk of the rink…

Thomas told me about one game in particular where he made some great saves to keep his team in the hunt in a close 2-1 loss, but all he remembered was sitting in the dressing room after the game listening to his teammates talk about how they couldn’t score on the other team’s goalie.

So he sat there feeling guilty about the first goal – he probably should have had that one. Forgot about the four outstanding saves he made to keep the game close and listened as his teammates talked about the other goalie – not with distain, but in awe of his performance, of his fitness, how he never lost any of his speed or focus for the entire game.

He left the rink that night feeling deflated, but that soon turned to frustration and a little envy.

He wanted other teams talking about HIM that way. He wanted to be the guy that the other team talked about in their dressing room. He wanted to be the goalie that everyone secretly wanted on their team.

You don’t play like them because you don’t TRAIN like them…
Time to take control…

So he made a decision there and then to take control of his destiny. Thomas knew he was not performing up to his potential. He knew he could be more mobile in his hips, he knew having more stamina and power in his legs would help him stay in position. He knew dropping a few pounds of fat and adding some useful muscle (not bodybuilder muscle) would help him on the ice.

And that is when he found my goalie specific training programs. What makes Thomas different is that he actually did the program – this is the KEY ingredient.

He stopped wasting his time having a ‘chest day’ and following that the ‘As Seen On TV’ programs that promised to whip him into shape in only 90-days. He tried those before, but failed. It was too much time each day and it was not a progressive program so he ended up feeling beat up, but not much better on the ice.

Some of you have probably had the same experience.

You need a laser focus…

What Thomas found when he started training using a laser focus to work on the elements that would give him the most benefit on the ice in the least amount of time was that he:

  • Could complete his workouts and still keep up with his busy life away from hockey
  • Felt great after his workouts
  • Could move better on the ice without spending more energy
  • Recovered faster after the games, he did not feel crippled the next morning getting out of bed
  • Was getting compliments from players on the other team after the game – that had never happened before

What changed the next season?

When the next season rolled around he made save after save. The topic of conversation in the dressing room after the game was HIS play! Other teams started inquiring about him. A ref even complimented him on his play after the third game of the season.

As the season went on and he continued his quick goalie specific workouts, he continued to get stronger and stronger in the net. Now he had the good butterflies when he stepped on the ice, the ‘I got this’ butterflies.

In the championship series they faced the league’s leading scorer. This guy would routinely score multiple goals on him in previous years. This season was different, Thomas was a different goalie now and he once again made save after save on the top shooter. In fact he frustrated the guy to the point where he broke his stick over the net after his 8th shot landed crisply in his glove after flashing the leather to take away what everyone in the rink thought was a sure goal.

He shook his head as he skated back to the bench and then slammed the door as he took a seat. What a moment?

Don’t Believe The Hype…

Yes, there is a lot of consideration that goes into designing a goalie specific training program or any sport specific program. The strength coach needs to consider the physiology, anatomy, bio-mechanics and even psychology of the athlete and sport.

This is where a well designed specific program will get you better performance in less time than one of those general training programs you can buy in the stores or a ‘shotgun’ program created by a trainer who really doesn’t understand the demands of the sport.

Do you know what I mean by ‘shotgun’ program? That is a program that includes some of this and some of that – like trying to cover all the bases. You might see:

  • 4 leg exercises
  • 3 pushing exercises
  • biceps curls and triceps extensions
  • 6 core/ab exercises
  • 40-minutes of cardio work
  • 8 plyometric exercises

…you get the idea. This trainer doesn’t know what is important so they include a lot of unimportant, useless exercises as well that will do nothing but beat you up.

This trainer and many of the store-bought programs are just trying to make you tired, they figure that if you are exhausted at the end of every workout that you will think you have got your money’s worth. Wrong.

My name is Maria Mountain and I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist and full time Strength and Conditioning Coach at Revolution Sport Conditioning, the athlete training studio I own in London, ON.

I have spent the last 20-years earning a living as a trainer. You see, I am not one of those ‘internet experts’ who have never trained anyone other than themselves and their Mom.

I started out 20-years ago working in a World Gym and worked my way up to become the exercise specialist at the renowned Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic and Strength Coach to the men’s and women’s Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Track teams at the University Of Western Ontario.

My time helping athletes recover from injury helped shape my unique approach that I have use to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals. It has been successful with goalies who have played in the NHL, KHL and European pro leagues.

The same underlying training principles applied to help two of my clients become two time World Champion and Olympic gold medalists in Figure Skating. It is the same method I share with you in my online programs.

The key is training you for exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Why It Works…

If you could train for hockey and play hockey full time, you would be a professional player (or you are retired and really like hockey). If you are a professional player, this program will make a good in-season program to follow, but for your off-season training I have other programs that are designed for you.

So I am assuming that you are not a professional hockey goalie and that you do not have the same training background as a pro who has been working with a strength coach for the past 5-10 years or more.

You want to play more like a pro, but don’t have the experience, time and resources of a pro. You need a program that is right for you; that your body will understand. A program that gives you what you need to do at this stage of your development.

It is like when you learn Chemistry – you need to start with your high school Chemistry lessons first. If you tried to jump straight into quantum mechanics you would be no closer to understanding Chemistry and you would most likely end up confused and frustrated.

Your body is the same. Even if you had a copy of Carey Price’s off-ice program in your hand it would likely not give you the results you crave at this stage.

Introducing the Completely Revised
Rapid Response Goalie Training 2.0 System

What is it?

  1. A step-by-step goalie specific training system that let’s you have a life outside of your training.
  2. You decide whether you workout 2-4 times per week.
  3. You decide whether to train at home with basic equipment like a stability ball, resistance bands or dumbbells.
  4. Finish your workouts in 20-40 minutes (most are around 30-minutes)

Why does it work so well?

You get everything you need to make the most improvement in the least amount of time. So the focus is on:

  • the specific mobility goalies need to play more effectively and reduce their risk of groin strain, sports hernia and impingement.
  • Developing strength AND stability in the core, hips, knees and ankles to let you actually USE your mobility on the ice in a game situation.
  • Progressive overload to safely progress to the explosive movement patterns you need with the stamina to stay sharp from puck drop to the final buzzer.
  • It is basically like having an Ace up your sleeve every time you step on the ice

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what serious, but busy goalies like you have said about this program and my training methods…

Noticeable improvements after only one week!

“Out of all the work outs I have done, none have improved my game in as short a time frame as Marias training. My endurance, speed and flexibility showed improvement after only one week.”

– Lyle

Easy to follow videos make the difference

“Maria’s easy to follow videos along with her breakdown and explanation for exercises are why she really shines above the rest. Not to mention a lot are catered to hockey players and especially goalies, a plus for all of us in the hockey community. Thanks Maria!”

– Brandon

Used to train for hours without improvement on the ice

“Whereas I spent hours and hours doing the classic “bodybuilding” kind of drills including chest days, and never saw an improvement in my stamina and overall fitness on the ice, I already saw great improvements after a couple weeks of UGT. It makes a real athlete out of you and gets you in the shape you want to be in to master any kind of sport, not only goaltending.”

– Martin

Watches GAA drop every season

“The workouts have allowed me to improve my game so that I can watch my GAA drop with each season. Also I find I am more confident in net with a low risk of injury since my muscles feel perfectly stretched and comfortable.”

– Riel

Shocked the 19-year olds with performance

“Maria’s 14 day hip stretch challenge/work out has been the best treatment for a low back & hip injury I’ve had for years. I have seen countless doctors, therapists, specialists, chiropractors, etc. with little to no relief. I’ve even had steroid injections in my hips! I stumbled upon her program by accident while searching the internet for practice ideas for my goalie clinics. It has been a God send as I have been living in pain for the past 15+ yrs as my condition gradually worsened. Now I can go about my day pain free, and my performance on the ice is better then it’s been in years! Just a few months ago, I was asked how old I was by some 19 yr olds at drop-in hockey. They were shocked when I told them I was 40 and said with the way I moved, they thought I was in my 20s! I’ll take that as a compliment!”

– Jason

GAA has dropped 2.00 points since starting

“My season’s GAA has improved a full 2.00 points since starting the RRGT program. Aside from the additional performance, I’m no longer being plagued with back and hip pain. The RRGT program really works.”


Has to be more patient

“You were right, I really have had to alter my game slightly because I’m simply THERE faster and more controlled. Although only a “beer leaguer” I still want to be the best in our league and feel pride when I’m able to “steal” a game for our team. Following your extensive knowledge of both conditioning and the goaltending position has allowed me to do just that. That being said, I definitely pass on your name to all the other tenders because most of us can’t afford to take a hockey injury to our day jobs! Thanks again for providing such an affordable position specific solution to training and improving my game and overall health!”


No more running out of gas with 18-minutes to go

“When I first started playing I would be dead tired with 18 minutes left to play, which would more often than not end up in a loss due to the inability to hold onto a lead, so that motivated me to look for some kind of strength training, I found your programs and within a few months I could play two game in a row if I needed to and whenever a team needed a spare goalie they were always calling for me!”

– Haydn

Became best goalie in league

“The different training plans helped me to improve my game. I won the award for best goalie in our league and our team won the championship.”

– Guenter

You can join their ranks and transform your performance on the ice while reducing your risk of injury by starting today. Remember, I have it all laid out for you, but you have to be willing to put in your share. You have to be committed to doing the program consistently, even if you can only manage two workouts per week, you WILL see improvements.

Is 60-minutes per week a worthy investment for a drop in your GAA, a boost in your SV% and less damaging wear and tear on your body?

One-Time $97 USD Payment


If you are looking for the Goalie Specific workout program that I just created last month, click .

This is a DOWNLOADABLE program – nothing will be shipped. This program is NOT intended for goalies under the age of 14.

Let me take you through exactly what you are getting…

The Revised RRGT 2.0 Training Guide

Telling you not only WHAT to do, but why you do it and how it helps you win more games. You will discover:

  • How the RRGT works
  • Why traditional cardio is KILLING your speed
  • How gym workouts can injure your groins
  • Why you should step away from the bike
  • 10 ways you sabotage yourself
  • 5 steps for GUARANTEED success

You will also find your complete 10-week training blueprint:

  • Training schedule for in-season and off-season telling you exactly what to do each day
  • Detailed step-by-step workouts so you know exactly what to do, how many sets and reps to do and why you do it
  • Training logs with quick reference for each exercise just in case you forget what to do.

A $1700 value – this is what it would cost you to train with me for only one hour per week for 10-weeks.

Completely NEW! RRGT 2.0 Tutorial Videos

You asked for it and I delivered. When I sent out a questionnaire asking you how I could make this program even better one of you mentioned that the current videos were shot with my old camera set up and you thought the videos would be better with my new HD camera. So – I re-shot all of the videos rather than just inserting videos for the new exercises I added to the program.

These are video tutorials, not follow along videos. This is not an aerobics class, it is a goalie specific program, some of you will need to go faster or slower to get the technique down for the first few workouts.

You get 10 tutorial videos in total:

  • Videos 1&2 – NEW! RRGT 2.0 Stability
  • Videos 3&4 – NEW! RRGT 2.0 Strength
  • Videos 5&6 – NEW! RRGT 2.0 Speed
  • Videos 7&8 – NEW! RRGT 2.0 Stamina
  • Videos 9&10 – NEW! RRGT 2.0 Specialization

The videos are downloadable only – there is no hard copy.

The videos are all uploaded online so if you are able to watch a YouTube video on your smart phone or tablet, then you can take these with you anywhere.

You are also free to download them to your hard drive.

A $197 value

NEW! Quick Reference Clips

Once again, you asked for it, so here it is. In the PDF manual training manual I have included links to individual exercise clips in each workout. So if you cannot remember how to do one of the workouts, you have a quick reference on your mobile device without having to watch the entire tutorial video.

Again, if you are able to view video on your mobile device, then you can watch these anywhere you have a signal.

A $67 value.

I promise you will see results in the first 14-days…GUARANTEED.

I can be honest with you; I have never had a program NOT work for someone who has followed it the way it is outlined. In fact do you know the #1 reason goalies return my programs? It’s because they don’t do it – they don’t even try it.

And that is okay, because I do not create these programs for those who talk the talk, but are not prepared to walk, the walk. The ones who think there is still a secret supplement or special gadget that will do it for them.

I know you are not one of them; they are a very, very small percentage of my clients. In fact, less than 2% of goalies who purchase one of my programs ask for a refund, but I want to reassure you that even if you are just too lazy to try the program, you will get all of your money back.

You can even try it for up to 60-days and THEN ask for your money back – it will be returned to you with no questions asked. I promise. 🙂

So you are getting $1964 worth of goalie specific training AND a 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee for a “one-time” payment of only $97. With no risk for you.

One-Time $97 USD Payment


you are looking for the Goalie Specific workout program that I just created last month, click .

This is a DOWNLOADABLE program – nothing will be shipped. This program is NOT intended for goalies under the age of 14.

Special Bonus For You…


We all know proper nutrition goes hand-in-hand with proper training if you really want to achieve your performance goals. So I am going to give you my nutrition guidelines for hockey quick start guide for FREE!

A $37 value


When I travel through North America helping out at goalie camps I always get asked about getting a wider butterfly flare and how to warm up before a game.

I agree that this is a key ingredient that is still misunderstood and mismanaged which is leaving you prone to giving up early goals and prone to injury. So I have another bonus for you…

The Goalie Stretch Solution…FREE for you!

A $67 value

I read a great book that talked about achieving goals and dreams. One of the strategies I took from that book is turning excuses into reasons. As a full time strength and conditioning coach, I have heard all of the excuses (heck, I’ve even used some of them myself). Do you know I even had a goalie tell me that he could not do a 10-minute stretching program because his Mercedes was leaking oil? What!? Here are some of the other excuses I have heard and how you can turn those excuses into reasons…

Excuse #1: “I can’t afford a gym membership so that is what limits me from becoming the goalie I know I can be. I mean, I could be like Price if only I had a gym membership!”

Reason: Great news! You don’t need a gym membership for the RRGT 2.0 system! You can train at home with basic equipment such as dumbbells, a stability ball and some resistance bands. You can still go to the gym if you prefer, but you don’t have to!

Excuse #2: “I don’t have time to train every day. If only I had more time, I could be playing in the show!”

Reason: Great news! I have created workouts for you that take a maximum of 40-minutes to complete (most of them are closer to 30-minutes) and you can workout as little as twice per week or up to a maximum of four times per week. Do you ever watch TV? Do the workout WHILE you watch TV for that matter! Disclaimer… training twice per week will not get you to ‘the show’ but it will make you better than you are now!

Excuse #3: “I already to the XJ74 Rippem Pro Workout and it is, like, killer brutal hard!

Reason: Great news! You are working out and if you love what you are currently doing, then stick with it. It is important that you like what you are doing and that you are getting the results you want.

When you are ready for a program that considers the specific energy system demands of goal tending and is geared toward reducing some common goal tending injuries, the check out the Rapid Response Goalie Training system.

Excuse #4: “I saw core planks in the workout. Those aren’t goalie specific!”

Reason: Great news! You don’t have to wear all of your goalie gear and jump around like a fool to build a stronger core. Will having a stronger core help you maintain a good ready position, maximize the power you can put into your lateral movements and keep you nice and square in the net, all while reducing your risk of back pain? Absolutely, so plank away!

Still not sure, that is fine. See if you would like to be like these other goalies…

Just get it

“Bottom line, get the program, follow the program and YOU WILL see IMPROVEMENT! Maria is always working on her game to help the player and goalie alike. She is constantly learning new techniques and passing that knowledge along. She genuinely cares about us athletes, no matter what the age.”

– Scott

Clear instructions and tutorial videos make it easy to follow

“The clear instructions and well structured demonstrations make this program easy to follow. The consistent updates also let you know that this is current information, and is constantly being researched, so it is never out-of-date. A very interesting and educational method of training.”

– Michelle

Teammates want her to keep doing the program

“My teammates recently said they are impressed by how my level of play has improved over the last few months. They know I have been doing training and they said whatever I am doing is working, and to keep it up!”

– Lauren

Better recovery, mobility and stamina after only two weeks

“After using the system for as little as two weeks, my body feels better and recovers faster after games. I’ve also improved my range of motion and stamina.”

– Mark

Efficient and effective

“The RRGT program is great because it is ” Goalie Specific”. The exercises are both efficient and effective for what Goaltenders need, I like how Maria explains so well why and how it works. The video and text instructions are excellent. The program is just what I needed to improve flexibility, speed and overall fitness.”

– James

Best shape of my life

“I was early 30’s and playing in a competitive rec league. I found that the league was beginning to get fast for me. Since doing Maria’s programs I have since transformed myself into the best shape of my life and excel more than ever.”

– Jeff

Can make saves without fear of injury

“Maria’s system will help you immediately. I am a 14 year professional trainer, who has worked for years for NHL scouts. Each detail that I have picked up in RRGT, or in videos online, or that I receive in email has made an instant impact, allowing me to pursue the position with confidence in my ability to execute the moves without fear of injury.”

– Grant

You have questions? Here are the answers!

Question: Will this program help my 9-year old?

A: I am sure it would help your 9-year old, but please do not buy it for a player under the age of 14. I really think players under that age should be playing multiple sports and having fun with the game. Once they are 14 or heading into high school then they can start following a specific training program and this is a great one to start with.

Question: What if I have never really trained for hockey before?

A: Like all properly designed training programs, this one is progressive in nature. I have even had goalies email me to say the first phase of the program ‘looked’ a bit to easy. Then they actually DID the workouts to say ‘sorry’ because these seemingly simple exercises challenged their bodies in new ways, using more of the small stabilizer muscles in the early going. Don’t worry, this is not one of those aggressive, macho programs that just tries to make you tired; it builds you into a better goalie from the inside out.

Question: Do I get to keep the material after I finish the program?

A: Of course you do. Imagine if you bought a book at the bookstore and as soon as you finished reading it ‘POOF’ it disappeared! It is yours to keep and access as you wish. I think it is probably the best idea to save it to your hard drive or a memory stick so you have a copy, just in case there is an issue with the website at any time.

Question: Can I save the program to my hard drive and take it with me?

A: Yes, if you know how to download and save files to your hard drive, memory stick, smart phone or tablet then you will be able to take this program with you.

Question: Will I be able to see the video on my Xj6 model mobile phone?

A: I am not a hardware or software expert so I appreciate that devices are different, but I can tell you that if you can watch video on your phone, then you can access these videos. They are all uploaded to a service called Vimeo.com which is like YouTube. So if you can play a YouTube video then you can play these.

Question: I prefer a hard copy, can you send me one?

A: Sorry, I don’t even own a hard copy of the program. Providing this in a digital format lets me keep the price down for you and saves the frustration of packages getting damaged in the mail. You can easily print off the manual and pop it in a three ring binder – viola!

Best resource for off-ice training

“Before discovering Maria Mountain, my training was not properly directed to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Every downloaded program and every video began to educate me on the type of training I should be doing. I got away from standard bodybuilding style weight lifting and standard running cardio. I started doing the exercises Maria’s programs outlined and adopted a new mindset of what proper training is. The most noticeable result is more body control on the ice, which leads to being in better position to make saves and make them more efficiently. Maria’s programs are my best resource for off ice training. I don’t know what kind of goalie I’d be if I hadn’t found them.”

– Nick

Start here

“If you want to be a better goalie then START here. Maria has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort putting together a game plan for you to succeed on the ice. Now it’s up to you.”


Best shape of my life at 36

“I have been following Maria’s work for a few years one and her programs have gotten me into the best shape of my life at 36 I am faster and more flexible then most goalies 10 to 15 years younger then me.”

– Scott

When other players are ready to pack it in he is going post-to-post

“My father bought me RRGT two years ago. I first started the program as a 12 year old, basically doing the stable components and select other exercises that I was strong enough to do technically correct. Now at 14 I am able to do the entire program. I play AAA hockey and am on the ice 5 days a week and in 2 1/2 years that I have used RRGT I have only been injured once. I am quicker, stronger, faster and more confident than ever. The last thing I would like to tell other goalies is it isn’t the first two periods or the first hour of practice that you feel the difference of RRGT, it is when everyone else has lost a step, feel bagged or are ready to pack it in, that I am able to go post to post in the dying minutes of the game or do 15 rounds of shoot out at the end of practice. It is an awesome program, but only if you do it.”

– David

Consistent in the net and injury free

“I am way stronger than ever, the program has helped me to be consistent in net and be injury free.”

– Clarke

Keeping up with junior players at elite goalie camp

“I’m 55 years old and have been training with Maria since early 2007. I have exercised for most of my life combining weights, cardio, and some stretching. I considered myself in above average shape but when I decided to attend a goalie camp in 2006 I found that I not physically well prepared enough to really participate fully in the on ice drills. When I mentioned that to the camp director, he suggested Maria. I contacted her and by the summer of 2007, although I was far from the best goalie at the camp, the director told us during our final meeting that I had been the hardest worker and in the best shape of any camper. I’m 55 now and my core strength, mobility, and balance are better than they have ever been. My quickness and reaction time have not declined with age. I also feel better at work, I sleep better at night, and to top it off, Maria is a genuinely wonderful person who is a pleasure to train under.”

– Jim

Perfect program

“RRGT helped improve my on ice ability to stop pucks and didn’t force me to give up huge amounts of time. All the work you put into it, you get out of it. Perfectly designed program.”

– Kayla

Completely transformed game

“My game has been completely transformed since starting your workouts. My hips and legs have been simultaneously loosened up and strengthened, giving me better post-to-post movement and faster butterfly drop and recovery, and my improved cardio is letting me power through the third period while the opposition is fading. Thanks, Maria!”

– Rob

No fluff!

“Maria is amazing! She gives it to you straight with no “fluff”. She really knows how to give you exactly what you need to improve your game. If you are serious about bringing your game to the next level, this is where you need to be!”

– Tim

Easy to follow and delivered results

“I’m 35 years old and have used two of Maria’s programs. Since using the programs, my game has improved and I have not had one muscle related injury. The programs were easy to follow and delivered results.”

– Dwain

Got a shutout the first week of the program

“I noticed immediate improvement after the first week! First took notice when I was doing warm up drills and my speed and flexibility were significantly better. So much so that the guys on my team asked if I had gotten some new gear that made me faster lol. First game since I began training and I had a shutout… I can’t wait to see how much more I can improve over time. Thanks Maria!”

– Manny

Helped NHL players succeed

“Maria has trained some of my NHL players and has provided to them a strong strength and athletic foundation which has helped them reach success in the National Hockey League.”

– Ray Barile – St. Louis Blues

Noticed difference after just a few days

“I love this program. After a few days, I noticed a difference. My hips and legs always felt tight, I wasn’t stretching correctly. This program really helped me! Thank you Maria.”


More confidence on the ice

“After using Maria’s training programs I have improved my skills and confidence on the ice. I provide my team with quality, consistent goaltending now. Not only are my stats better, but more importantly we are winning more games. These programs focus on developing great athletes by building functional strength that relates specifically to goaltenders. I haven’t found anything online that comes close to comparing to the quality that Maria programs provide. Oh and in the four years I have been utilitizing Maria’s programs I have not had one single sports related injury!!”

– Mike

Transform your strength and flexibility

“RRGT is a great program for a quick transformation in strength and flexibility. If you follow the program I guarantee that you will notice improvement in your game. I know I did.”

– Mike

Love the training schedule

“It is important for me to have a schedule to follow otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start. So the programme has helped me a lot to get stronger and more flexible by telling me when to do which exercise”

– Johanna

Was skeptical

“Never thought that following online training could get me such improvements in my game!”

– Matic

All the best for your future success,

Maria L. Mountain, MSc, CEP

One-Time $97 Payment


you are looking for the Goalie Specific workout program that I just created last month, click .

This is a DOWNLOADABLE program – nothing will be shipped. This program is NOT intended for goalies under the age of 14.

Still Have Questions? Contact Maria’s Super Awesome Assistant at – help@goalietrainingpro.com

NOTE: Rapid Response Goalie Training 2.0 ePackage published by Maria Mountain is a set of completely downloadable pdf and mp4 files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF and MP4, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Individual results may vary and just because you buy this program does not mean that it will work as good for you as did for others. Like all things in life you’ll get out of it what you put into it so if you just buy this and DO NOT put it to use you’re not going to see ANY changes in your performance.